Fernando Lemos Gonçalves de Moura

Engineer Fernando Lemos Gonçalves de Moura, Winemaker at Ponte de Lima Winery, was born in 1952. Son of a vitivinicultor father, he soon became interested in agriculture, particularly in viticulture. He joined the Higher Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon in 1975, finishing the Agricultural Engineering course in 1980.

Among other positions he was responsible for the Technical Assistance (wine and spirits) sector of the Vinhos Verdes Winemaking Commission (CVRVV), as well as a member of the Chamber of Tutors and head of the Department of Technical Assistance and Training of the same institution. Later, he was responsible for the Wine Analysis Laboratories, head of the Oenology division of the Wine Service Directorate and responsible for the oenology sector at the Experimental Station of Vitiviniculture and Fruticulture at the Regional Agricultural Directorate Entre Douro e Minho (DRAEDM), belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture.

He has held internships and training courses in various entities and institutions, both in Brazil and abroad.
Ministered several training courses in the areas of viticulture, winemaking and courses of tests, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and other entities in the different wine-growing regions.

He participated in several wine competitions and wine tastings, performing jury duties, especially in the Vinhos Verdes region.
He currently works as an oenology consultant in several wine cellars and bottling producers.

He obtained gold, silver, bronze medals and honorable mentions at national and international level in the various bottling producers and in the wineries to which he provides consulting services.

Rita da Silva Araújo

Engineer Rita da Silva Araújo, she is the Resident Enologist of the Ponte de Lima Wine Cellar. Graduated in Enology in 2010, at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, in Vila Real.

In the course of the degree and after the same, he accumulated experience and knowledge of wine with the various internships at national and international level, namely La Crema Winery, Sonamavaley, California (United States of America) and Azienda Agrícola Spadafora, Palermo (Italy ).