Adega de Ponte de Lima (Ponte de Lima’s wine cellar) was founded in 1959 in Ponte de Lima – the oldest Portuguese village. With around 2,000 producers, Adega de Ponte Lima is one of the most substantial cellars in the Vinho Verde region. The business employs local families and workers consequently representing great importance on the economic and social factors in Ponte de Lima

Adega de Ponte de Lima offers authentic, genuine, and high-quality wines in terroir with an Atlantic climate influence, that are originated from unique wine grape varieties. The entire process holds technical support to the local producers/winemakers, and innovation in the production process. Adega de Ponte de Lima’s wines are nationally and internationally awarded!

The wines of Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima are produced exclusively with grapes from its certified local producers/winemakers, namely:

  • “Loureiro” – it is in the terroir of Vale do Lima – “Solar do Loureiro” -, that the emblematic Loureiro wine variety reaches its maximum expression. Attempting a bold and visionary achievement, it was during the ’80s, that the first single-varietal was produced. To this day, it maintains its original quality and authenticity.
  • “Vinhão” – this red wine from Minho is different and has an exquisite taste and an unmistakable aroma of berries and red fruits.

We are all over the world, in Portugal, in the international market, and online.

Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima cares about quality. We are NP EN ISO 9001 and IFS Food certified and are part of the COTEC PME Innovation Network. We participate in the innovation in partnership with Universities and Polytechnic Institutes.